Nov 18, 2013

REAL OR MAGIC airs Tuesday evening from 9:30PM-11:00PM EST on ABC. Check out David Blaine performing magic for some of our favorite celebrities. Reactions to his magic range from laughter to bewilderment to full out fear! This show rivals STREET MAGIC, the program that put Blaine on the “IT LIST” of magicians. Don’t miss it.

Andrew W.K. plays a one million volt solo on the Tesla Coils. An experience he described as “the party-est thing I’ve ever done!”

Highlights from the beginning of David Blaine’s Latest Feat.

The air was heavy with anticipation on Pier 54 in New York City Friday night. Crowds of people who had waited outside the arched steel gate of the historic pier were anxious to see the opening of David Blaine’s first performance in four years: ELECTRIFIED.

When David emerged clad in a specially designed Faraday suit and surrounded by his family and close friends, the teeming pier burst open into applause. David slowly walked towards the array of seven Tesla Coils that would burst electricity around him for the next three days and three nights. He rose onto the 20-foot pedestal, and then it began. 

One million volts poured forth from the coils and enwrapped David in crackling bolts of visible electricity. It was amazing.

The potential energy of anticipation became kinetic and electric. And the social energy, embodied in tweets from around the world flowed like a torrent. With the help of the Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ David’s feat of endurance was brought to the world.

The Cults and CREEP played on keyboards that controlled the Tesla coils. Not only did it look stunning, it sounded incredibly unique. Comedian Chris Rock, actor Woody Harrelson, Girls star Jemima Kirke, and other notable guests reveled in the sights and sounds of this amazing, clear, and beautiful night in New York City.

In a few hours, Tokyo and Sydney will control the coils from Ultrabook stations. Tonight was only the beginning. But what a beginning it was.