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David Blaine Ascension Balloons
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On the morning of September 2, 2020, after 10 years in the making, Blaine performed his biggest live performance yet: David Blaine Ascension. Starting in Page, Arizona suspended from a harness whilst holding on to a cluster of 52 biodegradable helium-filled weather balloons, Blaine managed to get to an altitude of 24,900 feet above sea level (more than 20,000 feet above ground level), before letting go of his balloons and parachuting down towards a flat ravine close to the initially planned landing zone. One of the more challenging elements to the stunt was ensuring the retrieval of the biodegradable balloons. The team were able to remotely pop the balloons, which were all recovered, and successfully lowered the complete rig safely back down to ground just a couple of miles away from where Blaine had departed.