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Media Appearances

Blaine has appeared and performed on many television shows over the years including Jimmy Kimmel, The Ellen Show, Jimmy Fallon, and Oprah, to name just a few.

In addition to the many millions who have seen him on television, Blaine has performed live for audiences of over 20,000 in arenas around the world and been interviewed on a number of podcasts. In June 2017, Blaine spoke to The Tim Ferriss Show about magic, misdirection and mindset; and in April 2020, he spoke to Rick Rubin on his podcast Broken Record about facing fear and making a career out of pushing his mind and body to the limit. In August 2020 Blaine talked to Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience about how he got into magic, his craziest stunts of all time and his (then) next big performance, Ascension. During his conversation with Rogan, Blaine also revealed there are two more crazy stunts he wants to accomplish in his lifetime — although he did not reveal what the stunts are, he said that together the titles of all his stunts will spell out his full name.

In January 2019, Blaine spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos on how awe can shift perception and searching for magic in real life. In July 2021 he was a guest speaker at The Explorers Club’s Global Exploration Summit (GLEX) in Lisbon, Portugal on the topic of Exploring the Extremes of Human Physiology.

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